September 10, 2022

How To Disable Two-factor Authentication (TFA) in Home Assistant (Hass OS)

Long story short - I got a new phone and didn't back up old Authenticator app configurations. The next time I needed to log into Home Assistant, I was out of luck without a code.

My setup is running Home Assistant via VMware ESXi. I'm able to access the core HA OS, but nothing more. Based on this forum post, I knew I could access a file called "auth_module.totp" and remove it to bypass TFA. But I didn't know how I could without SSH access to box.

Lesson Learned - while in the HassOS console you cannot run basic Unix commands.


First, from the HassOS Command Line Interface (CLI), type "login." You are taken from the basic HassOS CLI into a Unix Shell prompt.

Run "docker ps-a" to see the running Docker instances. (You want to ensure you see one named "home assistant"). Run the below command to log into the Docker instance.

docker exec -it homeassistant bash

You should be placed into a folder called /config. Change the directory to a hidden folder, ".storage." List out the files and look for "auth_module.totp". Rename the file with a ".tmp" extension.

With /config/.storage is the single file, auth_module.totp, that drives TFA for Hass OS.

Reboot the server. Next time you attempt to log in via the web interface, you will not be prompted for TFA.

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