August 12, 2022

Fixing Google Home and its Confusion with TV and Chromecast device when asking "Turn on the TV"


Seems like each Google Home Speaker has options for its own Defaults, Audio and TV. Lesson Learned, Google Home makes the "TV" a Chromecast when introduced to a room. Meaning you can't override "Turn on the TV".


Set up things so that when I walk into my Home Office I say "Hey Google, Turn on Office TV" … ideally this is done via Harmony Hub that turns on a Samsung TV via IR.

When a Chromecast HDMI stick is introduced to "Home Office" room, it becomes the TV to Google Home. (This 2nd stick is hanging off a small 19" monitor displaying Google Photos on loop)

Now when I say "Hey Google, Turn on Office TV", it says Chromecast isn't setup, EVEN WHEN I NAME THE CHROMECAST SOMETHING ELSE that has nothing to do with TV or Chromecast.

Frustrating, cause it seems if Google sees a Chromecast in a room, it makes that the TV, regardless of what I want it to be via my voice commands.


Kind of a hack but if you remove the Chromecast from the "Home Office" via (Device) Setings > General >Device Information and change placement from current room (ie Home Office) to anywhere else, everything works as it did before.

Also for custom voice commands, I now need to say "Turn on the Office TV", note that you must add "the".

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