Connect to Google Cloud SQL with Cloud SQL Auth proxy and UNIX Sockets

Google Cloud SQL provides multiple ways for a developer to connect to a database externally for development or testing purposes.

Google Cloud logo

How to Deploy WordPress with SSL on Google Cloud for Free

In a few hours, anyone, even those not well-versed in cloud computing or shell scripting, can deploy WordPress running SSL for free in Google Cloud.

Screenshot of Audiobooks playing from Plex Media Server on an iPhone.

Configuring Plex for Audiobooks and Improving the iOS Listening experience

Plex is a fantastic product for media storage and playback. But for Audiobooks, it's a different story.

How To Design, Develop, and Deploy Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

I get it; the custom design is not as popular as it was. But there are a few benefits to rolling your theme.

How To Redirect to HTTPS for WordPress with NGINX and SSL Certified by Bitnami and Automattic

How to redirect HTTP (unsecured) traffic to HTTPS when using NGINX.

Symfony / Doctrine Cheat Sheet

Common Symfony and Doctrine commands for quick reference when writing PHP.

Classic Movies Worth Your Time
The Killing (1956)
Image Source: IMDB
Sonos Speaker and Home Assistant work amazing together

Home Assistant - Turning On My Sonos When An Orioles Baseball Game is Starting

Learn more in-depth coding and automation with Home Assistant. Take data from the MLB API and use the game start time to turn on a Sonos at first pitch.

The Apple AirPlay logo.

How To Make ANY Speakers AirPlay Speakers for Cheap (under $15)

How to take a First Generation AirPort Express (that is $10-$15 on eBay) and make any speaker AirPlay enabled.

Classic Movies Worth Your Time
Topkapi (1964)
Image Source: IMDB
Classic Movies Worth Your Time
The Night My Number Came Up (1955)
Image Source: IMDB

Fixing Google Home and its Confusion with TV and Chromecast device when asking "Turn on the TV"

Lesson Learned, Google makes the "TV" a Chromecast when introduced to a room. Meaning you can't override "Turn on the TV".