Building Out My Home Theater

A few years ago, after we got settled in our new house, I wanted to convert a spare room in the basement into a home theater.  I didn’t want to spend time and money remodeling.  I needed to work within the existing room dimensions.

BTW – If you want to skip reading and see some pictures, they are at the bottom of this post.

Listing Out The Wants

  • to avoid need for remodeling
  • “multi-purpose” HT for Movies, Gaming, TV, Music
  • a 7.1 Speaker System
  • hidden AV Rack or Cabinet
  • area(s) to display posters, DVDs, memorabilia
  • dark color theme (blacks/grays)
  • single row theater seating with ability to grow

Planning, Measuring

The room used for the home theater is a peninsula.  It was ideal because three of the four walls are exterior walls.  The fourth wall is shared with my home office and the room above is a sunroom.

The dimensions of the room presented a decent viewing experience.  Long side was 17.5 ft. and width was 10.5 ft.  One of my wants was to make the room multi-purpose as opposed to loaded with rows of recliners that limited open space.

Blueprint for home theater

I settled on placing the screen against the 10.5 ft. wall.  Given the ceiling height and viewing angle from my primary seating, I settled on a screen size of 106″ (8 ft 10 in).

View of front of home theater while under construction

As shown above the 106″ screen takes up a large portion of the wall, which is what I wanted.  I could have squeeze out another several inches but from about 14.5 ft. away it was good for me.  (BTW If you are interested you can use multiple projector calculators available online.  In my case, “THX recommend” would have been a screen of 117 inches at a similar distance.)

Below are posts with details of several specific aspects of my home theater build – DIY Sound Panels and DVD Shelving, how I wired for 7.1 sound, my cost-efficient and simple AV Rack and then polishing it up with paint, carpet and recliners.

Additional Details:

Several Pictures of Completed Room

View of home theater from doorway

View of home theater at angle

View of home theater towards rear

View of home theater from rear

View of home theater side wall from seat

View of home theater side wall from seat

View of home theater entry way and subwoofer




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